Installing Slackware Linux from a usb

Installing Slackware Linux from a usb
The first thing we need to install Slackware from a usb is get the usbboot.img, go to the Slackware mirrors page here. Once you've selected a mirror go to the Slackware version you want and then usb-and-pxe-installers/usbboot.img. Now that you have your usbboot.img it's time to put it into a thumb drive, plug in your thumb drive and use dmesg to find out where it is, then run the following command replacing the if path with the path to your usbboot.img and the of path with the path to your thumb drive.
dd if=/path/to/your/usbboot.img of=/dev/sd*
After that's completed boot up from the thumb drive and follow the install as normal up until you come to the page in the following image.
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Method 1
Select "Install from FTP/HTTP server", go here and find a mirror close to you and use that to install the Slackware packages, mirror example "".
Method 2
Download the dvd image of your proffered Slackware version from the mirror you wish to use, extract that iso to a folder. On FreeBSD
tar -xvf /path/to/iso slackware
On Linux
mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt cp -r /mnt/* slackware
Next use another thumb drive to hold the install files or put them on a second partition onto your thumb drive with Slackware on and copy over the files.
mount /dev/sd* /mnt cp -r /path/to/slackware/folder /mnt umount /mnt
Mount this device on /mnt2 on the computer you're installing Slackware on, don't use /mnt because Slackware uses that in the setup. Now when you come to the screen in the image above rather then selecting FTP/HTTP select "install from a pre-mounted directory" and then put the path to where you mounted the partition with the extracted Slackware files on. I wrote a tutorial on a easy minimal Slackware install here if you're interested.




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