A easy minimal Slackware desktop/laptop install

A easy minimal Slackware desktop/laptop install
In this tutorial I'll show you how to get a pretty minimal Slackware install with minimal issues. You can get Slackware much more minimal then this, but you'll have some annoying issues with dependency's and they can be a real pain to work out where with this install you should avoid most of them issues. The Slackware iso I'm using is Slackware 14.1, you can download it here. I won't be explaining the whole Slackware install process here because it's well documented here, follow that tutorial up until you get to the screen in the following picture.
A bored coder
Now you're at the part where you pick what package sets you want to use, deselect the following, the only thing here is.
Select ok, now we'll make it a little more minimal by removing some of the things we might not need, select expert/menu. First is A, just click ok on this one. Next is AP, in here we can remove everything apart from the following.
diffstat man man-pages slackpkg
For package sets L and N, I won't be changing anything so just click ok through them to keep this simple I'll only be removing a few parts of X and AP. Now for the last section X, keep at least the following, don't forget to add in your video card driver as well.
font-adobe font-adobe-100dpi font-adobe-75dpi font-bh-100dpi font-bh-75dpi font-adobe-100dpi font-bh-type1 libFS libICE libSM libX11 libXau libXaw libXcm libXcursor libXdamage libXdmcp libXevie libXext libXfont libXfont-cache libXft libXi libXinerama libXmu libXp libXpm libXrandr libXrender libXres libXt libXtst libXv libXvMC libdrm libXcb mesa pixman randrproto setxkbmap twm x11-skel xauth xbitmaps xclock xf86-input-evdev xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse xf86-input-synaptics xf86-video-nv xf86-video-vesa xineramaproto xinit xinput xkbcomp xkbevd xkbutils xkeyboard-config xorg-server xrandr xterm
Now click ok, wait for the packages to extract and install and do the rest of the install like normal and when you reboot, you should have a minimal running Slackware install. Use slackpkg "package name" to install programs, I also recommend installing sbopkg as it makes slack builds much easier to manage, you can find that here. If you have any issues post them bellow and I'll try to help.




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