Shape Smasher

Shape Smasher
Shape Smasher is a very creative & addictive ball game where you shoot balls at shapes to smash them, you can smash all of the shapes and become a shape smasher. In this free ball puzzle game you can use the balls & specials to smash all of the shapes, you have to think strategically about where the balls will bounce and make the most of the specials that you have and can get. This game is perfect to casually play offline as it requires no internet connection to play.

Shape Smasher Game Features

Real Free Game

Shape smasher is free to download and free to play with minimal ads and no pay to win. You get a free spin on the wheel of fortune every 6 hours to gain new specials to use.

Shape smasher can be played offline

Shape smasher can be played offline with no internet access so you can play it no matter where you are.

Thousands of Free Levels

New levels are added fairly often and there are currently over 1000, the levels start off easy and gradually get harder the further you go. The levels get extremely challenging and are waiting for you to play for free.

How to play Shape Smasher

» Click on the screen and hold your finger/thumb there.
» Aim where you want the ball to go if the target is far away remember that the ball will drop because of gravity and don’t forget where the ball will bounce next to maximize how many shapes you can hit.
» You can move your finger off of the side or the bottom of the screen to stop aiming and not shoot.
» If the shapes get to the top of the screen you will loose and have to try again
» Each shape has multiple hit-points and will break with it’s hit-points drop to 0
» Achieve 3 stars by smashing all of the shapes quickly
» Use specials to help you through the levels by moving shapes back or helping to deal more damage to the shapes.


» +1 Ball: Gives you one extra ball for the rest of the level
» Rollback: Rolls the blocks back to where they were on the previous wave
» Nuke: Drops a nuke taking a third of all of the blocks health that are on screen
» 2x Ball: Doubles the current balls you have for the rest of the level
» Fireball: Changes all of your balls to fire balls for one round, they deal 3x damage